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Bike Maintenance Tips in Rainy Season Must Read

Bike riding in monsoon season is a dream of every rider in rush green trees of the dewy air whether it’s your passsion riding in monsoon , on it’s your love for nature it’s so much adventuerous for every person whether he’s a biker rider or not.In crowd city streets, monsoon is comes perfect escape.

When monsoon season is come the bike riders outside from the house and come in the streets for riding.Monsoon is considered one of the best season for bike readers and in monsoon you can see fog and downpower, which is create some hindances and this is the cause of so much accidents.

Take precautions is necessary step when your’s a riding in monsoon for enjoying in better way because the roads are so shippery while you’re doing riding, when you’re going to decide for bike riding then follow these seven steps.

1. Make sure you are not gonna dip in small pools

You have to compromise of your vision because of heavy rains, potholes are always seems like puddles of water.When you’re riding , you have avoid for landing harmless pools of water.

2. Check your tyre pressure

In monsoon water ont he roads , became the worst enemy because it’s can excessive cause of accidents, swerving, skidding.To completely avert this risk you have to always remember fully minimize your tyre pressure.You have to obtain a good grip to maintain more contact between road and the tyre’s rubber.

3. There are some Painted Lines on road, try to avoid them

Painted lines is the best way and it’s provides you the right direction where to ride,where not, which things to avoid.If you riding near pointed lines this is the cause of bike accidents and danger injuries.That’s why have to ride always from the those yellow and white lines and always try to avoid mishops.

4. Sometimes it’s mandatory to slow down

If you think whenever for bike riding in a pleasant weather or you want good speed through endless roads then it’s a good idea.But if you go in pleasat wheather then there is chances of so much risk of accidents,hydroplanning and crushes.

5. Don’t try to lean down on corner’s, it can be risky

If you’re thinking riding in meandering road and your knee touch the ground it seems good as a stunt but don’t try it at all because if you slip just a bit then you’r gonna go.

In monsoon , you have to avoid all the stunt otherwise, you can faced so much dangerous accidents and always remember do not leaning into warnous when you’re riding.

6. Stay Away From Leaked oil on roads (Rainbow-patches)

When an oil leak from the other beak and it will mixed with the water then it creates a rainbow patches on the ground this looks amazing but it’s not good because it si slippery and its difficult to maintain control over your bike.You have always safe riding and avoid these mistakes.

7. Avoid Damage when riding for a long

If you wanna lok bike riding it calls for bike gear which is always help to keep safe.In monsoon the correct use of riding gear it’s essential, when you’re think you wanna riding then always remember you have halmet gloves, shoes, jackets this is the sign of good safety.If you follow tese guidence which is provided on above then you will be able to fight any storm.

Riding Safety Tips | The Season Of Monsoon

In monsoon Rain and moisture become the cause of external damaage to your bike, because two-wheelers have metal frames,Rustpowerful bodies.For remove this kind of damphens, you can coating your bike metal frames with anti-rust protection paints.
In monsoon , when you are parking your bike, always try to covered space.If water is stored inside your bike then the internal parts of your bike become damage and severe electrial shorts.

When you’re travelling in Rains, then cover your ride, this provide you good protection with rain-proff coverns.It can be useful for you when you didn’t find any shaded space.If water goes into the bike then your lever, chain and hinges then it can damage your bike. Always apply grease on your bike chain it will be work smoothly.If these parts not work propertly then you can apply oil on this parts.

Due to Rains, your brakes stop working properly it can splippery your breaks, jammed , and damaged.If these conditions happened, you have to avoid all hindances,When you’re riding on a slippery surface then avoid to use braking hand.

Always check your tires they maintain grip or not when your riding on a splippery road.If you see your have to need to change your tires then do it immediately if you don’t mosituring then it can beome the cause of air filter blockages.Alwyas clean air-filters for avoiding such discrepancies.When you’re riding in a toreential downpower then lighting is essential always surely check your bike lights and you can also use reflective stickers becuase it helps to the other drivers to see other sides.

What about Insurance | Did it cover in Monsoon

If you are taking Online bike insurance then you can find so much benefits which is provide against damaged caused.There are a lot of Online sites which is provide two-wheeler insurance for the cause of because of accidents, human-made criners, calamities.Bike insurance is good just like we get insurance policy.

If you’re bike is damage with natural calamities then insurance company give you a new bike on loak.And it also gives you a legeal fines among a personal accident covers.

Verdict | Conclusion

When you’re verdict for going bike riding in monsoon then always all the parts of the bike which is work.Good or not. always check your helmet, gloves, shoes and alwyas avoid to bike riding in a heavy rains because it can inv the risk of accidents.

The End | So Guys! the season is all about Monsoon love, so please don’t take any risk just ride your bike in monsoon when it is necessary.

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