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Best Oil for Health in India | Did you know Which oil is best for heart?

Hi guys! welcome back in this rainy season (in India), so now this rainy season is all about rain and Junkfood for indians. Todays topic is special topic and its main focus is on indians, i guess we are the who ate junkfood alot as compared to others. But as we know that every food contains some elements in it and the oil is the main of them. Today we are gonna learn which oils is best for your kind of junkfood, also this topic covers best oils for heart patients.

If you’re preparing your meal on high flame then this is not oxidised easily. You have to remember when you prepare your food which cooking oil you used it’s should be free radicals. Radicals oil is not good for cooking and it’s unsuitable for your health.

Cooking oil plays a vital role in cooking because when you’re going to fry your vegies or prepare your meal and you use radical oil it’s definately harm your bodies and specially for your lives because bad cooking oil directly affects your heart or liver.So, the question is arisen which oil is good for cooking and health?

In this article you will find all the informations related to the cooking oils which is help to make the best meals. In foreign countries , Most of the people use Olive oil for making food that’s why foreigners people’s health is so much good rather than indian’s people’s. There are so many different types of oils which is used for meals. Eg. walnuts, olives/coconut, sunflower seeds , and grains these all are used to produce vegetables oils.

Oils production | Did you know that?

When the oil is extracted without any heat is cold-pressing and is used to produce a lot of oils for cooking like extra virgin oil and avacado oil. Oil is extracted with heat and pressure and Hot-pressing is similar. Some of the oil is used so much colour and flavor and which is less-processed oil and its higher antioxidants. The process of oils producing is costly and expensive , nutritionally better than oils.

Some steps which is reduce the colours , flavours , odour of the real oil and this step remove the antioxidant. You can get this oils usually in cheaper and at higher temparature. Most of the oils you buy from market this are refined oils like-grape seed oils, soyabeans, rice brain , canola.

Best Oil for your Health in India –

Types of health

Rice Bran Oil

Rice Brain Oil is prepared form the outer layer of rice. There is high smoking point, It’s 500 degree F. It’s a best way for deep frying, stir fryig.Rice brand oil is totally free from trans-fats and rich in mono saturated fats.

Rice Brand oil helps to enhance your body cholestrol levels.
After addin the oryzanol rice brain oil tis gives you protection against radical damage and it’s also a great source of Vitamin E and also hae longer shelf life.

Canola Oil

This oil is a healthy oil and it’s free from rapessed.It’s pas a smoooth texture.In Canola oil , unsaturated oil is availabe and it’s packed with vitamin-E which reduce against radicals.If you this oil, then the chances of meory loss, cancer, heart disease.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered one of the best oil for use cooking and it is a finest oil.It’s good for health and it helps to enhance body cholestrol.Always you have to use extra-virgin oil .In Olive oil includes more anti-oxidants and Nutrients.You should be store the olive oil in a dark place , cool and dry.Olive is much more better oil rather than others.

Coconut Oil

Most of the foreigners use coconut oil for cooking because it contains almost 90% of saturated fatty acids.Coconut oil if full with laurice acid and it kill bacteria and it helps to maintain cholestrol , which fats are found in their coconut oil can speed fo and control your metabolism and keep your body healthy.

Avocado Oil

This oil is made from the flesh of Ripe avacadoes.In avacao Oil has the highest smoking point which is the sign of good oil for cooking avacado oil heop to improve good cholestrol This oil reduce inflamation and it’s a great source of Phytosterol.It help improve eye weakness,Avacado oil is also one of the best oil for high temperature cooking.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseeds have omega-3 fats.A lot of people use this oil for controlling blood sugar and cholestrol in flaxseed oil in polyunsaturated fats which is not good and it unsuitable for cooking.There are so much benefits of flaxseed oil related to body and it’s good for overall health.But if we use flaxseed oil in high dosage then ican harms you health.So you have remember in how much quantity you have to use.

Sunflower Oil

The best part of this oil which is not-volatile oil and it’s a great source of vitamin E.It helps to reduce the chanced of cardivascular disease and its helps more the patients who faced from arthiritis.Sunflower oil also helps to enhance the immune system.Because of Non-volatile oil it reduces the possibilites of headache, body pain, memory loss.

Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil comprises of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids, it can greatly improve heart health and fight cancer. Owing to the presence of resveratrol it can lower the risk of viral infections and Alzheimer’s disease. But it has a high smoking point which makes it unsuitable for cooking at high temperatures. So avoid using groundnut oil for deep frying.

Edible Almond Oil

Most of the people use almond oil in salad and vegetable dips.It has a great source of Vitamin E and It is rich in fatty acid.Amons is useful for reducing the effects of free radicals.Some of the people use this oil for minimizing aging effects.If you use almond on then definately it help in heart disease.You must read the benefits of almond oil related to health.

Soyabean Oil

Soyabean oil is made from soyabean seeds and it is has rich property in phytosterd.Soyabea oil help to balance cholestrol level.Soyabean oil is a great source of vitamin E and this provide protection from the toxic for skin.It includes vitamin-K which is helpful to treat alzymer’s disease and also provide a lot of protection to the breah from neuronal damage


Here , in this article you read about the best oils which is good for cooking and not only for cooking but it also good for your health,body, mind and it helps to boost up your energy and maintain your body cholestrol.There is also provide a great source of vitamin E and Rich in monosaturated fatty acids.Through this article you find your ensures which oil is good for health?.

The correct answer is coconut oil because it remains the undisputed winner for cooking.There is a lot of benefits of refined oils and you should use this kind of oils but coconut oils is best for health.

You have to do care – Oils

AVOID STOCK-PILLING OILS: Bearing in this mind you have use to this oil withing 12 months.

OILS PRERFER COOL, DARK PLACES:You have to store your oils in a dark glass bottle and away from direct sun light.

USE THE RIGHT OIL FOR HIGHER HEAT COOKING OIL:For higher heat cooking olive oil and rice brain oil is good.

AVOIT OVERHEATING OIL WHEN COOKING:When you start cooking and your oil is overheated it produces chemicals.And it start beginning and smoking.which is the sign of that you your oil is started to damage.

AVOID REFUSING HEATING OILS:If your oil is became danger then it turns into bad flavours and rough smell.

The End | Thankyou for reading this article as you read before many articles based on my experience, glad to share it with you and can wait for your reply.

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